The Team

 Ensemble Evolution (Maria Finkelmeier, Charles Martin and Jake Remington) is an international ensemble exploring the future of percussion through composition, education and technology.

Taking elements from jazz and contemporary classical music, the group creates musical experiments incorporating improvisation, new media and unexpected collaborations into their original concept of a 21st century percussion ensemble.

With: John Sakalowsky
Directed by: Naveed Nour
Edited by: Naveed Nour and Craig DuBois
Cinematography: Naveed Nour
Audio Recording: Bruce Gellerman
Music by: Ensemble Evolution

Music by: Rob Flax
Release Year: 2016


Ensemble Evolution (Original Score)

Craig DuBois (Editor)

Rob Flax (Original Score)

Craig is a User Interface Designer from Massachusetts, with a background in Visual Design, Animation and Video Editing. He's spent a good portion of his life watching movies and cartoons and he occasionally experiments with video editing in his free time. His favorite movie is that one where that thing happens to a person, and he's been told he has a peculiar sense of humor.

Tiny Robot

Rob Flax is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, composer, and educator from Evanston, IL with a playful heart and an open mind. He has performed locally, nationally, and internationally with groups of many different styles, including opening for B.B. King and Tower of Power, collaborations with dancers and filmmakers (including work on the soundtrack of James Franco’s film As I Lay Dying), and several original projects.

Bruce Gellerman is an award-winning journalist and senior correspondent, frequently covering science, business, technology and the environment.

Bruce Gellerman (Audio Recording)